Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Marilyn Stowe has just written a post inspired by the Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah" and I can't resist posting a video of the version sung here by Rufus Wainright.

PS Why are lawyers like ogres?


Anonymous,  19 December, 2008 01:17  

i give up, Why are lawyers like ogres?

Mr Pineapples 21 December, 2008 17:51  

But .....that is a terrible version....

Listen to Tim much better.

Makes it even more meaningful when one considers how Tim died

Fiona 21 December, 2008 18:31  

Mr P I agree Tim Buckley's version was great, and his son Jeff did it well too, but they just didn't fit.

Lawyers are like ogres because people judge them before they know them.

Mr Pineapples 22 December, 2008 13:36  

Ah !!

My post should have said "Jeff" and not "Tim". I have been listening to his version for years.

His dad was an okay performer too.

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