Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Human-Bot Relationships

According to Reuters Sega Toys has produced a robotic girlfriend, Eternal Maiden Actualization, that "can act like a real girlfriend." Apparently this involves kissing, handing out business cards, singing and dancing on command (now I know what I've been doing wrong!). With a CV like that it is hardly surprising to learn the target market is lonely men.

This is a step nearer the prediction of David Levy, a scholar of Artificial Intelligence, in his thesis entitled “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners” where he talks about developing intimate loving relationships and marriage between humans and robots in the next 40 years. Thankfully, I doubt very much I'll still be here in 40 years time to witness this because the idea that women having children without involving a father whilst men are hooking up with robots isn't very appealing.

At least divorcing a robot will be easy, cutting off the power supply is all that would be required.


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