Thursday, July 17, 2008

Effects of Separation on Children

The media is full of reports that twice as many children from separated families have problems than those children from intact families, but not often do we hear what the actual numbers are. According to Children of separation and divorce: surviving and thriving - what makes the difference? at Dad Info 15% of children from intact families and 30% from separated families have serious problems. 70 per cent of children grow up without serious problems after their parents separate. The article was written by Professor Michael Lamb, Head of Department in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University, and includes 10 golden rules to protect children from the effects of separation.


Anonymous,  18 July, 2008 23:20  

"The quality (not necessarily the quantity) of their relationship with their father ".where have I seen that!
I've been busy for a while, just catching up on the blog. I hope your D is enjoying her tour. I'm envious!!

Fiona 18 July, 2008 23:30  

Yes,I think I must have had that in my mind ;-)

I'm rather envious of my daughter too. Backpacking has changed a bit since I was that age - they hired a light air craft to get around.

BFS 19 July, 2008 05:13  

Crikey! Way to make me feel old. I can't say they did that in my day either.
Stidy, you are a bad influence. You've got me into this blogging lark now as well! I suppose it beats working for a living....

Fiona 19 July, 2008 21:58  

Blethering Dad! lol - Why does that not surprise me? I've added you to my roll.

BFS 19 July, 2008 22:15  

I'm hurt!
Still a work in progress.....but the lights went out today so I'm earning my wages for a change.

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