Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sheriff McCreadie Style

Recent changes to my blog have caused a few problems and reminded me of the hapless Sheriff Robert McCreadie who managed to delete evidence in a trial after hitting the wrong button on his laptop. He then blamed a solicitor for speaking too quickly. Apparently on other occasions he sent the jury home after his computer crashed and interrupted cases because the W and E on the keyboard didn't work. The story was recounted by Hector McQueen in the University of Edinburgh's blog Scots Law News during 2007 here.

So in true Sheriff McCreadie style I managed to loose all my links which have now been retrieved and updated. The new links in the right hand sidebar are;

Faculty of Advocates

Hague Convention ( Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction)

National Debt Line Scotland

REMO (Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders)

Reunite (charity specialising in international parental child abduction)

Scottish Solicitors' Standards

UN Convention on the Rights of a Child

Relationships Scotland (formerly Relate and Family Mediation Scotland) and the Scottish Family Law Group have updated their sites since I first added them to my list. There is a bug with the links so some of the hover links and visited links don't work which I'm trying to fix.

Another problem was was the tracking of the number of visitors to my blog didn't appear to work, but rather mysteriously it seems I only had one visitor in two days and a bumper number on the third day. I had altered the text size and then realised I was using my laptop and desktop users probably couldn't read the small text - doh!

Anyway I hope everyone can read the text and I would appreciate feedback about the text size, the tag cloud which I've reduced in size, the colour of links in the posts and whether the sidebar links are difficult to read because they are squashed into a narrow column.

Now all I need is a .scot domain name.


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