Thursday, April 30, 2009

James Watt v Ann Bruce or Watt

This case heard in the Court of Session was mainly concerned with the wife's substantial claim to financial provision and a dispute about the valuation of Mr Watt's business interests. The judge, Lady Smith, was satisfied that the couple's marriage of 25 years had broken down irretrievably and divorce was granted.

▪ The couple were married on 22 July 1977 and separated on 20 August 2002. They have one child who is over the age of 16 years.

▪ Mrs Watt (defender) qualified as a teacher at or about the time of their marriage and was keen to return to teaching following the birth of her son, but was discouraged from this by her husband. He told her he was earning plenty of money for both of them.

▪ Mr Watt, 53, is a successful businessman fishing for mackerel and herring.

Mr Watt's case was that fair sharing in this case was unequal sharing, in his favour whilst Mrs Watt sought an equal sharing of the couple's wealth following the divorce - a payment of a capital sum of £4.25m and property transfer orders in respect of the husband's interests in two properties. Lady Smith determined the total net value of matrimonial property at the relevant date as £8,829,170 and after taking into account Mr Watt's wealth had grown from interests he owned prior to the marriage divided assets 52:48 in Mr Watt's favour.

Full judgment Source Scottish Courts 29 April 2009


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