Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Money Box 2

There was another set of interesting questions about divorce and separation on BBC Radio 4's Money Box today. This time the topics covered included pensions, 'aliment', parents' financial responsibility towards over 18s in education and jurisdiction. I couldn't help feeling sorry for one caller from Milton Keynes who had cohabited for 17 years, raised her partner's children and had no financial interest in any assets. In Scotland she would have been able to make a claim based on the disadvantage suffered from giving up employment to care for the children but of course in England cohabitants still have no rights.

The panel of experts were Liz Welsh, Chair, Scottish Family Law Association, Janet Tresman, Consultant, Piper Smith Watton and Simon Piggot, Partner, Levison, Meltzer, Piggot and the podcast is available here. There is also a list of useful internet links and helplines here.


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