Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back From Far Far Away

Actually apart from the usual holidays I haven't been that far, just  busy. Since I last blogged three years ago some very important things  have happened. My last  posts were about the launch  in  Scotland of the Civil Courts Review and the Reaction to the Review.  In England & Wales the Family Justice Review Final Report  was published in November 2011 and reform in both countries  is now underway.

In light of criticism of procedure and practice in children cases in the case of BvG earlier this year, the Murray Stables held an event Changing the Culture  to discuss the potential for a new culture. Family therapist and retired family psychiatrist, Nick Child, attended and added a new section  Children Resisting Post-Separation Contact With a Parent to his website. I think this is the best and most comprehensive internet resource about children resisting contact/Parental Alienation  in the UK I have seen.

The UK Government have held various child support consultations and a new gross income scheme has started to be implemented. Initially only new cases will be assessed under the new rules with existing cases being transferred over a number of years. The Child Support Maintenance  Calculation Regulations 2012 are available here

So that's three years in a nutshell. I'm now off to get rid of all the spam on my blog and update the judgements and links in the right hand bar so that the blog is up and running again.

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