Monday, January 21, 2013

Newsround 4

Lots of interesting news over the Christmas  and New Year period. 

Global approach to family law
The reform of family law is a constant source of debate in the UK, and in France it is very much the same situation. Article: Law Society Gazette.

Appointment of President of the Family Division
The Right Honourable Lord Justice Munby appointed as President of the Family Division. Story: Judiciary of England and Wales.

Family judges seek protection from parents in 'unsafe' courts
Dangerously inadequate security arrangements during family cases leave officials vulnerable to attack, say judges. Story: The Guardian.

UK in family breakdown 'epidemic'
The UK has one of the highest rates of family breakdown in the Western world with just two thirds of children living with both parents, according to research by a global development organisation. Story: The Independent.

A view from the litigant in person
"A few weeks ago, I got chatting to a woman in my local pub – let’s call her Susan – who is embroiled in a legal battle in the family courts" Blog:  Law Society Gazette News.

Vive la différence?
Rhona Adams, Partner in the Family Law Team at Morton Fraser explores why Scots lawyers need to be alert to the differences in English law surrounding divorce cases. Blog Morton-Fraser

Young people wish for quicker family justice system
The family justice system should work faster to stop children and young people from suffering “trauma and stress”, according to a group of young people with family court system experience. Story: Children & Young People Now.

GPs in crossfire as separated parents seek access to children's records
Increasing numbers of family doctors seeking advice on whether they should give information to separated parents. Story: The Guardian.

Sharing Mum & Dad
How do parents share the bringing up of their children after they separate? Dispatches investigates the emotive subject of parental access and rights. The Call Kaye programme on BBC Scotland picked up on the subject the following morning (interview  with Tim Lovejoy from 15:30 15/1/13). 

Scottish property tycoon jailed in legal cash battle
Scots property dealer said to be worth £400 million has been jailed for six months after a High Court judge ruled he disobeyed orders to provide financial details to his estranged wife and was in contempt of court. Story: The Herald 

Fast-track court for rape trial
The trial of five men accused over the fatal gang rape of a young woman on a bus in India is to be shifted to a special fast-track court. Story: The Herald

Law Society backs down over reforms to legal aid
The Law Society of Scotland is backing down on protests against legal aid reforms after weeks of court walkouts and a series of high-level meetings with the Justice Secretary. Story: The Herald

Children's tsar: 'Stop sending kids to jail'
Scotland's children's commissioner has called for offenders aged 16 and 17 to be kept out of prison, and the introduction of specialist youth courts to help prevent the creation of "career criminals". Story: The Herald


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