Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Parental Alienation Awareness

A week or so ago reports of a  "new" Canadian case   circulated on Facebook  and fathers groups about a mother who lost custody for alienating a father along with criticism that the courts in the UK do not recognise Parental Alienation. This is  in the run up to Parental Alienation Awareness Day in April. The case was reported  by the Toronto Star here  in  2009 and I can only assume it was meant the story had just come to the notice of fathers groups and parental alienation campaigners.  

It isn't true that courts in the UK don't recognise Parental Alienation.  There have been a number of cases where the courts have recognised PA when it has been supported by  evidence from expert witnesses,  but of  of course children resist contact for may reasons and  there is no general agreement yet  about Parental Alienation. Nick Child, family therapist and retired psychiatrist summarises  the  current thinking about PA here


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