Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Early Intervention

Intervention at an early stage is vital, as that is when most families will feel their strongest emotions.

This month's edition of Journal Online carries this feature on parenting classes which are about to be piloted in Scotland. Christina McGhee joined Relationships Scotland and the Scottish Collaborative Family Lawyers Group in a programme of events which included meeting with MSPs, as well as providing a seminar for family lawyers in Edinburgh.

On divorce one of the keys to reducing parental conflict and problems with child contact and residency is access to information early on in the process. Studies show that 81% of parents see a solicitor first and the suggestion is by developing a culture for lawyers to be more aware of the emotional impacts of divorce it will help lawyers become more effective, their clients will divorce with integrity and there will be higher customer satisfaction. Christina McGhee sees lawyers as the "gateway" for parents to access classes as a tool and attendance will be a matter of course.


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