Sunday, July 27, 2008

Relationships Scotland

Family Mediation Scotland and Relate Scotland have merged to form Relationships Scotland. A comprehensive service sounds a good idea to me. The website, currently under construction, is here and I have added a link to my resources menu.

The new organisation will support a comprehensive and developing national network of 26 relationship and family mediation services and 23 child contact centres across Scotland. The services provided for individuals, couples and families will include:

Relationship Counselling
Family Mediation
Child Contact Centres including Supported and Supervised Child Contact
All Issues Mediation
Family Counselling
Young People’s Counselling
Group Work with Separating Couples
Young People’s Support Groups
Mediation in the Context of Homelessness
Sex and Relationship Therapy
Telephone Counselling
Training for Counsellors, Mediators and Supervisors


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