Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Insane & Barristers

My TV broke down about 6 months ago and I didn't replace it because until recently I hadn't missed it. However, having enjoyed watching Horizon: How Mad Are You? and The Barristers on BBC iPlayer recently I think I might buy a new TV before Christmas.

In How Mad Are You? a group of ten volunteers are put through a series of challenges and three mental health experts try to spot which 5 volunteers have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. In the first episode Dan was relatively easy to spot with his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when the challenge was cleaning out a cow shed but the experts got it totally wrong when they had to choose the person least likely to suffer mental health problems. Very bravely Dan had participated in the programme in the hope of showing fellow suffers what could be achieved.

The first episode of The Barristers, which isn't shown in Scotland, features 4 would be barristers training and preparing for their exams. Just one in five students will ever get to present a case in court. In the second episode divorce barrister, Louise McCabe, brokers a financial settlement.


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