Saturday, November 22, 2008

News Round Up 2

Tuesday, 18 November 2008 Baby P - In the wake of the three people being convicted of involvement in killing Baby P there has been a media and public outcry this week. This Independent article reveals the chronology from official files.

Thursday 20 Nov 2008 Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone to divorce - According to The Telegraph Eccleston's wife of 24 years has filed for divorce in what could be one of the biggest settlements in legal history.

Friday November 21 2008 Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorce - The Guardian reports the announcing of their divorce decree nisi in London.

And from The Guardian archives this week;

November 18 1890 The O'Shea-Parnell divorce case - report into the divorce of the Irish MP Captain O'Shea who cited Charles Parnell as co respondent in adultery effectively ending Parnell's political career.

November 21 1995 Blonde bombshell goes off - article about the TV interview when Diana, Princess of Wales let it be known she wouldn't be leaving her marriage quietly.


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