Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Question Time

Today I thought I might try to provide answers to some of the issues which bring people to this blog. Please remember there is no substitute for proper professional advice and I am not a lawyer so this is for general information only.

divorce nisi scotland & divorce decree absolute scotland
In Scotland there is no nisi and absolute, just one divorce decree.

divorce what is proof hearing scotland
A proof is a full court hearing where evidence is given by witnesses during proceedings in open court.

free simplified divorce form in scotland
The instructions and application forms SPA for divorce after one year's separation with consent and SPB for divorce after two years consent are available to download free from the Scottish Courts website here.

scots law - inherited assets in divorce
Inherited assets in Scotland are not considered matrimonial property.

demande de divorce à singapour: conciliation
Je suis désolé, je ne sais rien du divorce dans Singapour mais je pourrais recommander le conciliation.

tri martolod rap
This I can answer with some authority. Tri Martolod (Three Sailors) is a traditional Breton tune and Manau recorded the rap version La Tribu de Dana here.


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