Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blog Roundup

I've been meaning to mention the new additions to my blogroll for a few days now.

Judith Middleton's Divorce Blog reflects on divorce, separation and associated topics although at present she is on a skiing holiday in Austria with Outdoorman and the children. In this post she recounts her dilemmas with the uplifts which I'm sure many skiers will identify with.

Lynne Bastow at Divorce Solicitor is a single mother with 3 children who gives excellent tips dealing with the emotional and practical side side of relationship breakdown. I particularly like the advice about seeing adversity as a chance for personal growth in her recent post Feeling Stressed?

Jacqui Gilliatt is the General Editor of the Family Law Week blog that complements the news, cases and articles published on Family Law Week with additional comment and coverage of the wider aspects of family law. Family Law Week is dedicated to family law news and training.

Sam Hasler's Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog is full of useful information, news on divorce, child support, residency, contact, prenuptial agreements and other family matters. Although legally there are differences many of the issues surrounding divorce are universal such as Litigation Out of Control. It's always interesting to hear how things are done in other parts of the world and I'm grateful to Sam for mentioning Divorce Survivor.


Judith 07 March, 2008 19:32  

Many thanks for the inclusion of my blog here. I have to say that I have enjoyed some of your entries and shall be including a link to your blog from my own but for the present have been hindered in this respect by a missing vertical scrollbar. Apparently it's a Blogspot bug that Blogger is working to fix - so in due course. In the meantime -keep posting!

Fiona 12 March, 2008 00:32  

Thanks for the encouragement.

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