Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

One thing I definitely won't be doing today is proposing marriage. I did that 30 years ago and look where that got me. Emotionally I don't think I would survive another marriage breakdown so best not to go there. Also I'm not sure I can make the compromises needed to make a relationship work again and it seems unfair to expect someone else to fit around my life­style­.

Besides, after almost 9 years I've adjusted to being on my own and quite like it. I'm a bit of a workaholic, commute to continental Europe once or twice a week and usually have house guests either arriving or leaving so my life is pretty full. I would have preferred our marriage to have worked, but it didn't, and my message to anyone going through a divorce is there is a life after and you choose what to make of it.


Mr Pineapples 29 February, 2008 20:36 still surviving? Still hanging on in there?



Anonymous,  01 March, 2008 01:37  

I wholeheartedly agree, though I have managed to put myself in the firing line of at least potentially having to deal with another D! Hopefully that won't happen though.....
The link was a story about honour killings in Germany amongst minor ethinic groups. Try cutting and pasting to your address bar.

Fiona 01 March, 2008 10:08  

Yes I'm still surviving, just.

Congratulations, bfs, that's good news. You must be a glutton for punishment - one daughter was challenging enough for me.

I found the story. It's hardly surprising that respecting human rights, including women’s rights, is a condition 'sine qua non' for Turkey's membership of the EU.

BFS 01 March, 2008 19:18  

Haha, you misunderstand Stids!
I meant I'd left myself exposed for another divorce by remarrying!

Though on the subject of pro creation, we are expecting another in Aug, but won't know until then what "flavour" it will be!

Nevertheless, it seems I am indeed a glutton for punishment!

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