Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Legal 'wiki' CaseCheck began last October as a free database of Scottish court and UK employment appeal tribunal decisions.

Aimed at the legal profession, it is a useful resource for anyone in search of clearly structured legal information. Users are encouraged to find out about cases and draw their own conclusions by browsing through the 32 subject areas to find descriptions of the facts and issues, and a link to the full judgment.


BFS 29 February, 2008 04:48  

Not related to your most recent blogs, but I thought you'd find this article interesting from an old one.

Btw, hope you're mended now!
Oh, and I looked at the links to CAFCASS and our Gov's parenting agreements. Very helpful, ta!

Fiona 29 February, 2008 13:06  

Thanks. I started work again his week and hope to be to be fit enough to travel next week. Being a one man, or rather one woman, outfit I can't afford to be not working.

I'm glad the parenting agreements were useful. The
link didn't work???

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