Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Would You Trust This Man?

A week or so ago someone posted an article on a divorce forum "Former lawyer launches nutjob website" along with this link. What Dr Ditch-Her has written on his home pages and blog makes the man appear bitter and twisted. He claims he was done over in his divorce, retired to Switzerland and has launched a consultancy to try to prevent other men from landing up in a similar position. Dr D claims he was a lawyer for over 25 years, working at a top 25 firm and offers his services to help men conceal how much money they have and stop women "going after your assets via your genitals".

Using my browser I traced the article to RollOnFriday, a UK website that provides news, views and gossip on the legal profession. However, the Dr D domain name is registered in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, which is a well known tax haven and might explain why he wants to be paid in $. As one forum member pointed out Dr D doesn't identify himself or say where he qualified, which country's laws he is abiding by or advising on - and nobody knows how or where to sue him in the event that they got clobbered by the Court because he gave them bad advice, for which they had to pay.


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