Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dad Info

Thanks to BFS, who leaves comments on this blog, for bringing DAD to my notice. DAD is a new company created by parents to give dads a free and permanent source of the information they're likely to need. It is particularly refreshing to see a group of fathers interested in establishing parent-friendly workplace practices and cultures as the biggest obstacle to shared parenting after separation appears to be the absence of shared parenting before separation.

The Separation section, written by Nick Woodall from the Centre for Separated Families, is very clear and informative for mums as well as dads with action plans and facts about the Law and Rights, Making It Work and Troubleshooting. I've added DAD to my list of resources but thought it was worth quoting the 10 rules to protect children from the effects of separation.

1. Keep any conflict away from your child

2. Respect their relationship with their mum and don't make them take sides

3. Make sure they're provided for

4. Keep communicating about your children

5. Deal with your emotional responses away from your children

6. Try to get your child to express their feelings

7. Try to agree how your child will be brought up

8. Do what you say you will do

9. Be flexible

10. Don’t give up


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