Friday, May 16, 2008

Fathers' Working Practices

For a long time I have been convinced the biggest obstacle to shared parenting after couples separate is the absence of shared parenting before separation and that if society wants a more equal distribution of child care there needs to be a change in the working practice of fathers. As I said in this post it's refreshing to see a fathers organisation, Dad Info, interested in establishing parent-friendly workplace practices and cultures.

However, it seems men are not exercising their right to flexible working. An article in The Times today reports three times more mothers than fathers with children under 6 are requesting flexible working and if there isn't more take up the issue will be marginalised. Perhaps culturally things don't happen overnight but I'm left questioning if society really wants this change.


Anonymous,  18 May, 2008 00:45  

I think you're right. Father's in general, really only get into this once they seperate. Until that point, I think we take things for granted.
Personally, seperation and parenting are two vastly different subject matters, but the impact the former has made me look at the latter in ways I never would have before.
That aside, I'm getting older and perhaps a tad wiser as we go along! Nevertheless, for my own situation, it works best that my wife takes the hit work wise, as my job is flexible enough for us to work around.

Fiona 18 May, 2008 23:04  

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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