Friday, May 9, 2008

Technical Problems

For some reason my broadband connection has been very dodgy all this week but the problem has now been resolved and I can start blogging again. Apart from needing the internet to work being without it meant reverting to old fashioned ways of reading the news, banking, shopping, paying car tax, booking car service/MOT and communicating with our children. I even rely on the internet for TV programmes. How sad is that?


Anonymous,  10 May, 2008 00:49  

I can sympathise entirely......when the server goes down out here, I actually have to work for a living. Thankfully, it doesn't happen too often, so I can keep up with your gossip!
I've not been reading for a month or so, but am pleased to see the blog is still going. Oh, and good choice of tune yesterday by the way!

Fiona 10 May, 2008 12:00  

Good to hear from you again. On the subject of the internet I meant to ask are you my mysterious visitor from nowhere in the Netherlands?

Anonymous,  10 May, 2008 16:16  

Probably. Our servers go through Holland, although I am UK North Sea based. Makes it a pain because we can't watch the clips on the bbc website, as we are electronically at least, outside the UK!

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