Friday, February 6, 2009

Common Ground

In the Common Ground tradition of exploring the diversity of different cultures and finding what we have in common with one another across the Atlantic that outweighs our differences I thought I would mention two recent posts from Sam Hasler of the Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog.

The first, Parenting Time Alternate Means, looks at the way the internet can be used to facilitate indirect contact, in particular an interactive, safe and secure web-based meeting place developed for non-resident parents or parents in shared care situations, grandparents, military families, or the heavy business traveler to keep in touch with family members. Features include live video phone calling, shared spaces for photos, videos and documents, personal notes, an interactive white board, and a shared calendar.

Say the right thing:10 ways to defuse conflict and promote harmony| Domestic Diversions lists 10 diplomatic things to say from a CNN article which are worth repeating.

1. “Thank you for your opinion. I’ll think about it.”
2. “Is this a good time for you?”
3. “Would you like my thoughts?”
4. “Why don’t we get the facts?”
5. “I need your help. Can you please…?”
6. “Let’s wait on this until we have more information.”
7. “What did you mean by that?”
8. “I don’t like that, so why don’t we do this instead?”
9. “I’m sorry you’re upset.”
10. “Let me get back to you.


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