Thursday, February 5, 2009

Online Divorce & Solicitors

Jo Spain of Family Law Matters has written two posts DIY divorce - why use a family law solicitor? The first post looks at online divorce and whilst Jo suggests it might be worthwhile in some cases when divorce is uncontested and the finances agreed she questions the need to pay for forms and guidance notes which are freely available to download on the internet. Even if people do their own divorce most will need proper legal advice and assistance regarding the finances to to ensure they are properly protected.

Part 2 points out most people would hire someone who knows what they are doing to fit a new boiler, prepare company accounts or plumb in a new bathroom as it is better to hire someone who knows what they are doing and have studied and worked in that role for some time to give them the knowledge and expertise to be able to provide an efficient service.


Anonymous,  06 February, 2009 01:07  

"she questions the need to pay for forms and guidance notes which are freely available to download on the internet."

Yes Wiki has become decidedly more commercial and will soon be the beast it sought to slay.
I would have thought that FREE self help information is always a useful resource, I certainly wish that in 2003 I could have had access to the information that is now available, but I still suspect I would have employed a professional. Divorce is huge learning curve and information is king

Fiona 06 February, 2009 02:27  

Hi Arnie,

I raised the issue of charging for a pack of forms which could be downloaded free with the Wiki admin and to Ian's credit it was taken on board.

Hope you are well.

MrDivorce 12 February, 2009 12:48  

I Attempted to comment on this post from the persepctive of an online divorce service ( the largest in the UK) but she obviously could not allow a counter to the post which is a bit hypocritical to say the least.

Fiona 12 February, 2009 17:08  

That's interesting. I suppose bloggers post for different reasons and perhaps Jo blogs just as a means of conveying information and her thoughts.

MrDivorce 13 February, 2009 16:22  

I just find it a bit arrogant to criticise online divorce services and make come claims which are not true and then not allow a rebuttal.

The problem with Solicitors is that they still haven't got it that they do not have a monopoly on providing these services anymore and cannot justify charging hundreds of pounds an hour for what is effectively paralegal work where the divorce is agreed.

Fiona 13 February, 2009 18:58  

Of course using a solicitor or an online service isn't the same thing. When not having legal advice results in the parties divorcing not realizing they need to tie up their finances to dismiss future financial claims against each other it could be a false economy.

That sort of brings us back to the point if people don't want legal advice is there any justification in charging for forms and guidance notes available to download freely on the internet when most people could do the divorce themselves.?

I guess it boils down to choice and people's personal preferences.

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