Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Independence of Scottish Legal Complaints

As I mentioned in this earlier post before the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission became active in October 2008 there were some concerns about the independence of the new independent legal complaints system. In his post 'Culture of fear' grips Scottish Legal Complaints Commission as Justice Department witch-hunt threatens whistleblower staff over leaks to media earlier this month Peter Cherbi launches a scathing attack on the secrecy and a witch-hunt within the organisation.

Peter Cherbi of A Diary of Injustice in Scotland is a writer and commentator on legal and consumer issues, human rights, politics, and injustice in Scotland and his work helped change the law in 2006 to bring a measure of independent regulation to Scotland's legal profession intended to raise standards of service and deal better with client complaints. Peter says " Now the task is to bring fully independent regulation to the legal services industry and see that everyone in Scotland has unrestricted choice of access to justice & quality legal services."


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