Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bitterness on 'Divorce Website'

Liz Jones has written a scathing attack on the Wikivorce website in her Daily Mail report "How warring husbands and wives are pouring out bitterness on new 'divorce website" this morning. She makes very valid points about the dubious benefits to venting and that websites are no substitute for counsellors or lawyers. However, I am somewhat bemused by one comment that Wikivorce is seething with so many stories about men who end up in a council flat. As a regular visitor to the forums I am only aware of one man who ended up in a council flat.

In the article Liz Jones contends that "instead of a site telling you how to arm yourself both in emotional and legal terms, there should be a site which makes sure you actually want to get married in the first place."

"You should have to be counselled, extensively, before you are allowed to shuffle down that aisle and conceive that poor blameless child who will have to face the arguments and witness the mud slinging."

Actually if nothing else Wikivorce demonstrates that married couples should try to resolve their problems because they do not just disappear on divorce, particularly when there is a lifetime of parenting ahead.

Full story Source The Daily Mail 23 June 2009


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