Saturday, June 6, 2009

Contact Non Compliance: 3 Month Sentence

According to The Scotsman a woman has failed in her appeal against a three month sentence she claimed was "harsh and oppressive."
Tina Monem, 26, failed to comply with a contact order to make her child available for six hours contact a week after her allegations against the father were found to be unsubstantiated. The sheriff held her in contempt although it seems sentencing was delayed to see whether new contact arrangements would be successful. A three month sentence was then handed down and the mother was released after a few days pending the appeal.

Three judges in the Court of Session ordered Tina Monem to return to prison to complete the sentence and found she had committed contempt against them too. Lord Gill, the Lord Justice-Clerk, speaking on behalf of the appeal court, said the mother was to be given the opportunity to "reflect on the gravity of her conduct and to desist from it" and sentence for the contempt of the appeal court was deferred for six months.

Full story Source The Scotsman 6 June 2009


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