Monday, June 29, 2009

Lawyers: Fixed Fees

In his blog post this morning Andrew Woolley of Family-Lawfirm argues in favour of divorce lawyers charging fixed fees and the Law Society in England & Wales banning hourly charging. The problem is it is not always possible for solicitors to gauge how long a case will last and the amount of time they will need to put in so Andrew suggests taking an average or setting a limit.

I do not know how feasible setting a limit is, but surely taking the average means clients whose divorce is straightforward pay for the work done on more complicated cases.


Judith 30 June, 2009 23:13  

HOw do you set a limit or take an average when a very straightforward matter might result in costs (ex VAT and court fees) of say £500 compared to a complex case that goes to a final hearing of £50,000 or more?

Fiona 01 July, 2009 01:15  

Precisely. I wouldn't be very happy if there was relatively little work involved in my case but I was paying average fees.

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