Monday, March 3, 2008

Absent Fathers & Child Support

This story in the Guardian on Saturday tells how a father came to abandon his son for 10 years and how the son now has an 'incendiary' relationship with his mum. I really wish that parents with care who deny contact would realise that a very intense relationship between them and the child is not a healthy attachment and will almost inevitably backfire one way or another. Children ideally need two parents.

On Sunday the Observer highlighted the concerns over the Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill which received its final reading in the Lords last week. This legislation is to replace the discredited Child Support Agency and will enable parents on benefits to come to voluntary arrangements rather than using the CSA or its replacement C-MEC. Charities including Resolution, the family lawyers group, warn this could result in parents getting inadequate advice, and single parents not receiving the level of financial support they need.


Shaun 04 March, 2008 00:12  

The first story brings back memories! I was almost that man, though thankfully I worked beyond it. At what cost, only time will tell, but I hope it proves worthwhile for SS.
More good links Stidy. The blog is coming along well by the way.

Anonymous,  22 October, 2008 16:56  

I seperated from my ex almost three years ago. Since then, I have gone through hell.
I was not married and as my Son was born before 2006, I have no rights as a Father.
My ex abuses her rights and I am constantly left suffering.
The rights of parenting should be fair if not equal.
I never thought being a Father would bring so much stress and pain and I worry constantly about my Son growing up without me as I am slowly pushed out of his life.

Fiona 23 October, 2008 00:02  

I am very sorry to hear of your problem. It's important to know most children (70 %) of separated parents grow up without serious problems, to enjoy much the same quality of life as children whose parents stay together. It still doesn't make it any easier for you though. Have you tried to get Parental Responsibility?

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