Monday, March 10, 2008

'Shirley Valentine'

BBC News reports a woman sentenced to a suspended 13 week jail term and unpaid work after going abroad with her boyfriend for 6 weeks whilst leaving her 14 year old daughter home alone. The daughter had also formed an underage sexual relationship condoned by the mother. The father, who was said to be unaware the girl had been left alone, now has residency.


BFS,  11 March, 2008 01:07  

I recall reading the first story last month, and was slightly puzzled to see that the court had ruled "neglect" because she was aware of a sexual relationship taking place (the rest of the story aside!)
Granted, I'm a long way from the trials of teenagers, but surely someone who accepts sex will take place (either with out without parental blessing) and ensures contraception is used, is more responsible that others who turn a blind eye and hope for the best?

Fiona 11 March, 2008 19:51  

I think the Chairman of the magistrates, summed it up when he said the mother's negligence "passed the threshold for custody."

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