Sunday, March 23, 2008

Religion, Maths & Networking

The Economist has three items of particular interest, the first looks at Explaining Religion a multi-disciplinary study currently underway in 14 universities in different countries into the biological reasons why so many people believe in God, gods and religion in general. It seems group selection might explain the evolution of morality, and morality and religion are closely connected. The conclusions of the three year study are sure to be enlightening.

Secondly, Let's Talk About Figures considers the international communication of mathematics and that whilst the brightest mathematicians often are recruited from communist or ex-communist countries "importing fully-trained brains will become less viable as “exporting” countries develop their own systems of higher learning."

Lastly this article looks at the business of social networking and that it isn't making as much money as had been hoped. Apparently a problem for users is not being open to the web although this might be overcome through using good old fashion web-mail.

I was going to say this post has nothing to do with divorce, but I've changed my mind. Religion and social networking are all in one way or another relate to marriage and divorce. The concentration required by a mathematician to the exclusion of all else could well be the cause of neglecting a relationship.


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