Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Surplus Procedure

An American mathematical political scientist has devised a formula for dividing resources in difficult situations such as divorce.

It works by numerically taking into account the values people place on the different aspects of what's in dispute. Each party first gets at least 50 percent of what they want most. What's left over is then divided proportionally, so both parties get half of what they wanted.

Mathematically it sounds interesting, but human nature being what it is I wonder if it would really be that simple.


BFS,  06 March, 2008 00:26  

Only in America!

Besides, even over there, 50% of nothing is, well......nothing!

But I'm not bitter. Much.

But, rather like you are I suspect, I remain dubious based on human nature.

Fiona 06 March, 2008 23:44  

I like the idea of using logic though.

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