Friday, August 15, 2008

Cape Crusader

A Fathers 4 Justice campaigner climbed on to a gantry over the M25 this morning causing traffic havoc. The Daily Mail reports Geoffrey Hibbert, dressed as Batman, brought Britain's busiest stretch of motorway to a standstill during rush hour. Thousands of drivers, including holidaymakers on their way to Heathrow, were left stranded after police were forced to shut part of the road for nearly two hours. Apparently the police made the decision to allow Batman to stay on the gantry all day. I'm glad the police didn't knock Batman off his perch but is this type of protest the way to win friends and influence people?


Anonymous,  21 August, 2008 18:31  

More importantly is it going to make the slightest difference to government policy. Quite possibly everybody becomes more entrenched in their polarised positions, but lets face it what can Captain Pugwash list as F4J achievements to date:
A lot of good hard working men now have criminal records, the debate is polarised around gender, the various pressure groups are at each others throats, and split into splinter groups, not exactly a stunning endorsement.

I do think the terrorist threat is being miss handled, however I do think we are in the twilight war and this is total waste of resources policing this lot just to further Captian Pugwash and the English dems!

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