Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blog Roundup 2

First of all congratulations to BFS aka Bletherin' Dad of It's A Dad's Life. I hope his new born son is soon in good health. Compliments too to Jaqui Gilatt of Bloody Relations for making it to the Times list of best legal blogs and best wishes to Swiss Toni of Will I Be Barred as he embarks on the Bar Vocational Course as a mature student.

Commiserations to Judith Middleton of Judith's Divorce Blog after narrowly escaping a fire at the hotel adjoining her practice.

Lucy Reed of Pink Tape is training for a half marathon to raise funds to tackle domestic violence (not bad for someone who gave birth just a few months ago!) Mr P of We Love You Mr Pineapples is waxing lyrical about the Olympics and Mhairi of Mhairi's Travel Blog has been skydiving in New Zealand.

John Bolch of Family Lore has produced an e Book Do Your Own Divorce, a guide to divorcing without a lawyer.

Marilyn Stowe's latest post Clients and bankruptcy: a cautionary tale looks at what happened when a client sued her solicitors for professional negligence after they had failed to advise how bankruptcy would affect her financial claim.


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