Friday, August 8, 2008

Connection Problems

I came back from a long weekend on Monday night to discover I'd lost my internet connection. It's amazing how much I rely on the internet. First of all I work from home a great deal and I use the internet for everything from banking to ordering groceries and booking tickets. Over the last few months I've been without a connection several times so I decided it was time to contact customer services. A nice young man at the call centre in India was telling me how hot it was over there and when I asked him if he lived in the east or west, thinking the monsoons might not have arrived in his area yet. He replied India is in the east! I despair at how ignorant the British are sometimes perceived abroad. Anyway I've finally managed to get my connection up and running properly which is just as well because the 'engineer' couldn't shine any light on the problem. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it's not an intermittent fault.


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