Friday, August 1, 2008

Captain Pugwash

Whilst having every sympathy for parents who are denied contact with their children without exceptional reason, I think the fathers' rights movement does a great disservice to many fathers. Contact isn't about parental rights, equality or fairness it is about the children's right to a meaningful relationship with both parents. It's bad enough one parent flouting contact without the other's grievances being ratcheted up and them being encouraged to adopt unhelpful and often hostile strategies.

Pro sexist fathers' rights groups often present a skewed view. It seems at least someone has cottoned on.


John Bolch 01 August, 2008 21:57  

Get your tin hat on - the fathers' rights groups will be commenting... ;-)

Fiona 01 August, 2008 22:38  

I'm afraid risking I'm risking my (virtual) life and limb again.

BFS,  05 August, 2008 21:41  

Couldn't agree with you more!

Fiona 08 August, 2008 23:02  

I'm glad someone agrees with me.

The Odyssey 21 August, 2008 02:51  

Just to be clear, I have never been a member of ANY group, and that is my video.
I am perusing a corrupt solicitor/legal firm hampered by dysfunctional complaints procedures and meaningless codes of practice. Since Jan of this year I have offered both Mothers4Justice and anybody who doesn't climb in things help with their web presence.
I cottoned on to the gender issue as you put it back in 2003.
You make an invaluable contribution to wiki and that particular project is highly commendable and I also glad to see the professionals have finally cottoned on!

Fiona 21 August, 2008 17:11  

Thank you Odyssey. Would you believe it my broadband connection went down again after I corrected my post but before I had time to comment!

I did like 'Captain Pugwash' and the point about inaccuracies and exaggerations was well made.

The Odyssey 21 August, 2008 17:22  

Thank you Fiona, you are definitely a classy character, and hits mean interest and interest means hits.

I was just shocked to find it on a tag search, and on your blog, which I was unaware even existed.

Fiona 21 August, 2008 17:57  

I found 'Captain Pugwash' purely by coincidence when I searched for this clip of the 'Trumpet Hornpipe' and at the time I didn' realise it was yours.

The Odyssey 21 August, 2008 18:17  

Strange coincidences indeed.The matrix of connections and degrees of connection, and they think they are going to have a big brother state. LOL

Not sure what to make of the vid you were looking for.

Fiona 22 August, 2008 01:05  

Yes, the video was a bit weird. As it said you needed to be there at the time to appreciate it. And to think I used to entrust the care of my children to those people every summer. -;)

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