Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pet's Well Being

According to ITN in this report the UK veterinary charity People's Dispensary for Sick Animals is advising separating couples to make their pets a central part of agreeing separation. Apparently they (the pets!) may show signs of distress such as obsessive and compulsive disorders when their owners' relationship breaks up.


My Other Blog 13 October, 2008 00:32  

Hi Fiona, I saw your comment on Mr. Pineapple's blog and clicked over. I hope you don't mind me making your blog a link on mine. I'm going through a marital separation and just from a quick read of some of your posts, I can see how US law is based on English/Scottish law. I'm presently waiting out the 12-month separation from my future-ex husband. Our dog was a casualty of our break-up. My future-ex has already replaced the dog with a new one, I'm sure he'll find a new wife soon, too.

Fiona 13 October, 2008 15:00  

Sorry to hear you are going through divorce. It's not nice.

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