Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ancillary Relief Toolkit

Following his eBook Do Your own Divorce, written to help people in England & Wales who cannot afford legal services in divorce proceedings, John Bolch of Family Lore has put together a list of web links relating to ancillary relief. The Ancillary Relief Toolkit is a list of web links relating to ancillary relief, including legislation, leading cases, calculators, tables and other very useful links.

Both resources could be extremely useful as preparation for those people preparing to divorce using a solicitor too. In order to make informed decisions most solicitors' clients really need to do a little research in order to understand what is happening.


John Bolch 31 January, 2009 20:28  

Many thanks for the plug! I do hope that readers find the toolkit useful.

John Bolch 31 January, 2009 20:32  

Would you be prepared to do a podcast interview? (Apologies for asking publicly, but I couldn't find an email for you.)

Fiona 02 February, 2009 19:32  

Thanks, John.. I've sent you an email.

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