Monday, January 12, 2009

Instability & Attachments

I've been reading the excellent Family Affair blog of Jay Belsky, Director of the Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Social Issues and Professor of Psychology at Birkbeck University of London, for sometime and his post The Timing of Family Instability persuaded me it was appropriate to add the blog to my blogroll. In his post Jay Belsky considers research into the timing of changes in family structures. it was found there is a 'sleeper' effect of early family instability that isn't apparent early in life, but results in children developing less well across the primary school years.

In his latest blog, Attachment Security: Born or Made? Jay looks at the extent that secure childhood attachments are influenced by the care given and genetics. The scientific explanation is worth a read but it seems to support the notion we all vary in our susceptibility to environmental influences.


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