Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girl Marries Dog

Reuters carries the strange video of a young girl in Jharkhand, India being married to a dog because there is a superstition that it will overcome any curse put on the family. Before any under employed family lawyers get too excited Reuters say the girl is free to marry a man later without getting a divorce.


John Bolch 28 January, 2009 12:09  

Damn - could have been a lucrative source of business!

Swiss Tony 28 January, 2009 15:35  

I once married a dog, but Reuters were not interested.

Woof woof (I was going to say 'Miaowwww', but it didn't seem appropriate!)


Fiona 29 January, 2009 02:08  


John, I'm not sure Muhammad would have approved.

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