Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lawyer on the Razzle

I mentioned in this earlier post in some quarters there are concerns about the independence and secrecy of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission that was launched in October last year. On Sunday the Sunday Mail printed an article regarding leaked emails from Margaret Scanlan, divorce lawyer and member of the SLCC, who wrote "Was out on the razzle, again, last night so bit cross-eyed this morning. Please excuse any consequent gibberish." in one email. In another regarding the organisation Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers Scanlon said;

"I would prefer that we not give any recognition to SACL. I do not see why we have to name them even if we are bound to engage with them."

"Their website is offensive and so far as I am aware no reputable organisations has anything to do with them"

Now it might not be the wisest thing to email about being on the "razzle" and being a "bit crossed eyed" or writing "gibberish" but, come on, is this is all the media can come up with?


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