Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free to Collect

"Nagging Wife. No Tax, No MOT. Very high maintenance - some rust."

This was a story in The Herald about a builder who got so fed up with his wife's nagging that he advertised her in the Free to Collect section of a trade magazine. Apparently at least nine or 10 people replied. His wife Donna said "I don't think I do nag him. He just doesn't do what I want him to, that's all." And they only married last June!


Fiona 16 March, 2009 09:24  

It doesn't sound good does it? Good thing the wife has a sense of humour.

Anonymous,  16 March, 2009 13:01  

Doesn't sound good does it? I wonder what advert she would have put in for him?

Fiona 16 March, 2009 13:24  

What about;

"Ear-bashed husband. Energy efficient. Runs on beer and curry. CAUTION: Avoid exhaust!" - ouch.

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