Saturday, March 28, 2009

Legal Aid Eligibility Increase

The Scottish Legal Aid Board has recently written a letter to all civil legal aid solicitors to remind them that as of 7 April 2009 the upper limit for disposable income to be eligible for legal aid will increase and a tapered system of contributions will be introduced.

...those with a higher disposable income will pay a higher rate of contribution towards any grant of civil legal aid. The tapered system of contributions will be in four bands where disposable income is:

• Nil to £3,355 (current limit £3,156) – no contribution from income to pay

• £3,356 to £10,995 (current limit £10,306) – 33% of income in that range

• £10,996 - £15,000 - 50% of income in that range

• £15,001 - £25,000 - 100% of income in that range

For example, if someone’s total disposable income was £14,000, the contribution would be £ 4022.87 – this is calculated as 33% of (£10,995 minus £3,356) plus 50% of (£14,000 minus £10,996).


DaveC 30 March, 2009 18:00  

OK - after trying to get a divorce since 2004 (i Live in the USA and wife in Aberdeen) - i thought at last that the diet of proof set for the 27th April was going to finalize things - today i find that my wifes lawyer (her fourth in the period since seperation) is trying to delay the Proof on the basis they are now applying for legal aid - i was only married for two years - can they really defer the proof because of the possibility that legal aid might now be forthcoming?

Fiona 03 April, 2009 14:12  

Hi, I think I answered this on Wikivorce earlier. Unfortunately as I said I believe they can.

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