Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pay Gap Amongst Highest In Europe

The Herald reports European Commission figures published today showing the pay gap between men and women in the UK is amongst the highest in Europe. Men earn 21% more than women in the UK, based on the average difference between gross hourly earnings, compared with the EU average at 17.4% .

About 21% of women aged over 65 in Europe are at risk of poverty compared with 16% of men, says the Commission. The central banks of all 27 EU countries are led by a male governor and men account for almost 90% of board members of leading companies. The proportion of women in national parliaments has risen significantly in the last decade though, from 16% on average to 24% last year. The European Parliament has 31% women members.


BFS 06 March, 2009 12:15  

Nobody wants a female boss.....I think Thatcher has a lot to answer for ;-)

Fiona 07 March, 2009 11:13  

You need to be careful, I was a boss for a while before I went freelance.

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