Monday, December 3, 2012

Family Law Blogs Scotland

After my long break I thought  there would be a few more  divorce and family law bloggers in Scotland by now to keep me company. I  tried a search engine and was somewhat surprised to find my blog mentioned on  The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland website  Iain Nisbet of Absolvitor reviews eleven Scottish blawggers to keep an eye on in 2011. If I'd have known that I would have come back a lot sooner!

Unfortunately there still doesn't appear much in the way of interaction  between family law bloggers here. If anyone knows of someone please let me know. However,  Stephen Moore of CaseCheck  left  me a comment  back in 2010 about their latest site Family Law Edinburgh which has a lot of useful information and a Family Law News section which I have now added to my blogroll.


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