Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Reason to Take a Flight to Shetland

I was going to post a video of the Scottish singer/songwriter Karine Polwart whose songwriting is often influenced by her previous work with Scottish  Women's Aid. However another Scottish musician, Adam Sutherland,  tipped me off about this CCTV  footage apparently taken from behind a bar on the ferry to Shetland so I've postponed Karine until another time. The video has nothing to do with family relationships,  although I'm sure I could find  a link with Rod Stewart if I really tried.  

This incredible footage has  particular significance for me. Those who have met me will be aware that I hobble about on crutches these days. Over the last couple of years I've been on ships in  rough seas  a few times and because I don't have a hand free to hold on to anything I've  relied on physics to get about  i.e.  the greater the  momentum forwards  the less chance there is of  being thrown about laterally. This works  well and I often manage a lot better than those who are more able bodied,  although I wasn't entirely sure how to take it when someone  said I was like a Bat Out of  Hell.    Somehow I don't think my forwards momentum strategy would work on the ferry to Shetland so in future   I'll be flying when I go there.   


Quantum Valeat,  12 December, 2012 12:56  

This was actually a cruise liner caught in some very strong winds. NorthLink ferries have everything bolted to the floor, so you would be quite safe from free-falling furniture if you ever take the ferry to Shetland.

Fiona 12 December, 2012 13:18  

Thanks. Some Shetlanders/musicians were having a joke. Apparently it was a PO ship about 400 miles north of New Zealand I believe. -;)

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