Monday, September 29, 2008


This is a rant and has absolutely nothing to do with divorce. Our son, pictured above with friends, has been asked to accompany some musicians performing at the Scottish Parliament. To do this he is required to obtain a Portable Appliance Test certificate for his electric piano and deliver it to the Parliament tomorrow morning before the performance so the electricians there can check it. It's bureaucracy gone mad. As a MEng student in electrical and electronic engineering he is better qualified than most electricians to check the safety of his own equipment. Grr...


BFS 30 September, 2008 01:05  

Indeed. I would have thought they would PAT test it there. What a joke.

Fiona 30 September, 2008 23:12  

Indeed. Today S had the security to contend with too.
At one point the porters lost the keyboard. How they managed that I don't know, it's gigantic.

BFS 01 October, 2008 00:33  

Cos they are stupid! The smart people are doing the PAT

Fiona 04 October, 2008 00:43  

lol - The really smart ones were the security police checking out the bag of tricks where S keeps all his leads and bits and pieces. Anyone who can determine there definitely isn't a bomb in there deserves a medal IMHO

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