Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Judge X

Today The Guardian reported a review of a sex abuse inquiry case. Originally Dyfed Powys police investigated a judge accused of child abuse by his former wife and concluded the claims were unfounded. The judge's ex spouse then complained the investigation had been inadequate and now a review by the Independent Police Complaints Commission has ordered the police reopen the case to establish whether the former wife's complaints about the inquiry were properly handled. Initially the IPPC refused to investigate the handling of her complaint on the grounds that her paperwork had arrived with them late but a judicial review ordered further inquiry.

Whether the allegations in this particular case are true remains to be seen, but one spouse vilifying the other isn't uncommon in relationship breakdown. An explanation for this is given by Janet R. Johnson and Linda E.G. Campbell in their book "Impasses of Divorce: The Dynamics and Resolution of Family Conflict."

“Our clinical experience leads us to conclude that the actual experience of separation for some couples was the crucible in which these negative views of each other are brewed and crystallized. Couples who experience particularly traumatic separations are prime candidates for generating negative images. Perceived experiences of being suddenly and unexpectedly left; abandoned after secret plotting and planning; left after a secret love affair with another person; left after uncharacteristic, explosive violence--all are separation modes that are typically traumatic and involve inordinate degrees of humiliation, anger, defeat, guilt, and fear, thus setting the stage for what is to come. A radical reconstruction of the identity of the ex-spouse can occur at the time of a traumatic separation. The desperate reactions and counter-reactions to the crisis are likely to crystallize new negative views of each other which subsequently become autonomous of these origins"


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