Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dads House

Refuges for women and children have been around for 40 years and now a project, Homes for Fathers and Families, is aiming to establish it's first fathers and children temporary accommodation (a Dads House) in one of the London Boroughs. The charity was set up by a father, Billy McGranaghan, who looked after his son when his mother left 18 years go. "It's not just the dads who are looking after a child on their own we want to help," Billy says. "It's the fathers who have split up with their partner and had to move out of the family home, away from their child, often being housed miles away from them."

The idea is a a typical Dads House would house 10 to 15 single fathers and their children. In addition to family bedrooms, there would be a restaurant, a quiet area for homework and for fathers to receive specialist advice and a "drop in" centre to support non residents.

The story and details of a fund raising event are in The Hounslow Chronicle.


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