Saturday, September 13, 2008

FNF In Turmoil

Last weekend I posted about Fathers For Justice closing and this weekend according to the Times in this article the group Families Need Fathers is in turmoil after one of it's officials made “false and defamatory allegations” against a father in a letter written on an FNF letterhead to a judge. FNF receives a government grant of more than £300,000 and is to pay tens of thousands of pounds in legal costs and damages. The Times makes the point that the father didn't know about the allegations and therefore the case illustrates the secrecy of the family courts.

A few years ago I discovered another FNF official, Stan Haywood, signed this Fathers' Manifesto (signatory 78) by the pro sexist and racist Christian Party. The Fathers' Manifesto is bad enough but there is also a petition calling for the repeal of the American 19th Amendment, which gives women the right to vote. Now that's what I call embarrassing.


Teri 15 September, 2008 05:48  

hi ds,

who are you in real life? do I know you?


The Odyssey 15 September, 2008 18:19  

Firstly the compensation wont make up for his loss of contact, plus the emotional turmoil that he and his children suffered will never go away.
Form my very limited experience of these groups, most members are radicalised, in facebook i get so many conspiracy theories it just isnt funny.
F4J trailed a terrible path that has infected all the groups and totally polarised the various memberships. I am rapidly concluding that we are better off without these GENDER based groups.

The money that F4J had at its disposal is a sensitive issue, firstly the IP addresses and location information and the posts that are being repeatedly read is very revealing, plus I received an e mail that turned out to be fake but nevertheless reveals the internal politics of corrupt organisation and rats leaving the sinking ship. Unfortunately I was never a member but I strongly advice any member to pursue this, because it was YOUR money that you gave in GOOD faith

Fiona 19 September, 2008 17:44  

No, teri, I don't think you know me.

the odyssey,

I couldn't agree more. Far better to concentrate on the issues rather tan gender After all we leave a legacy for our sons and daughters.

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