Thursday, September 4, 2008

CM Options

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, the organisation that is replacing the Child Support Agency, has introduced a service to provide information and support for separated parents to help them make private arrangements for child suport. On the service's new website, Child Maintenance Options, there is a calculator, a budgeting tool, private agreement form and a benefits table as well as leaflets and guides.

Sadly the CSA staff and advisers guide have been removed and there are no replacements. I hope this is just a temporary  state of affairs because these documents were in fact very useful.


John Bolch 05 September, 2008 17:44  

Thanks for bringing this to my attention... I feel a post coming on!

The Guide and leaflets are still available on the CSA site.

Swiss Tony 05 September, 2008 19:21  

If you had said that the CSA staff and advisers had been removed it would have sounded better.


Fiona 05 September, 2008 23:00  

OK I've found the Technical Guide but I still can't find the staff one.

Very funny Swizz, don't you like the CSA?

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